Monday, August 25, 2014


Approve and sign off on Classroom Norms:
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5

Finish up group work on A's Life if needed
Prepare for and conduct (ungraded) Two-circle seminar
Quickwrite: ranking
 Two-Circle seminar procedures:
1) Choose a partner
2) Decide who will speak first
3) That person forms a circle with other "first-speakers"
4) Partners sit directly behind their speaking partner (outer circle)
5) Partners check in with each other to share ideas first (turn around)
6) Inner circle speaks for about 8 minutes, sharing ideas, questions, comments, opinions, textual references, etc.
7) Partners check in with each other--what did you still want to say?
8) Partners switch and the new inner circle continues the discussion for several minutes
9) Partners reflect with each other: What was the most interesting idea shared today? What's still worth discussing? What do you understand more fully now? What did we do well?
10) Return desks quietly to original position

Seminar Norms:
Try to avoid raising hands
Take turns and listen closely/carefully
Build on each other's comments and anchor comments in the text
Invite others to participate/promote sharing of ideas

HW: Continue to review for Grapes of Wrath quiz tomorrow

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