Friday, August 23, 2013


Make nametags
Grammar Practice: Verbs #1 (parallelism and verb tense)
Review and discuss last night's homework analyzing tone and strategies the writer uses in a passage from your summer free choice book
Introduce first 5 vocabulary words from The Fault in Our Stars and begin to complete vocabulary notebook

HW: Complete your vocabulary notebook entries for the first five words in The Fault in Our Stars: eke, myriad, hamartia, dubiously, and inherently by defining the word, drawing a picture to illustrate its meaning, writing a synonym and an antonym, and creating a sentence with the word used in context within it.  Review The Grapes of Wrath by selecting three quotations worth discussing and posing two clarifying questions. You may either write these on post-it notes and put them in the relevant pages of the book or write down the quotations/questions on a separate sheet of paper. Quiz next week!

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