Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AGENDA 11/27

Exploring "gender boxes" - activity and share out
Student-led discussion over chapters 8-10 of The Scarlet Letter

Watch TED Talk: "A Call to Men"  by Tony Porter

Model complex claim statement (we'll do this tomorrow after we finish the video)

HW: Read, annotate, and write a complex claim statement for each of the four arguments (Due Friday--pace yourself!!!):
"The Female Body" by Margaret Atwood, pp. 216-218 in The McGraw-Hill Reader
"Being a Man" by Paul Theroux,  pp. 219-222 in The McGraw-Hill Reader
"Why Men are in Trouble" by William J. Bennett
"The War on Men" by Suzanne Venker

Read and be prepared to discuss chapters 11-13 of The Scarlet Letter on Thursday

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