Monday, May 14, 2012

AP Testing Information

The big day is almost here!!!!

The following are some reminders to help you get ready for Wednesday’s exam.

TIME:  Arrive no later than 7:15am!  Proctors MUST begin the actual exam as close to 8am as possible.  Students will need to be at their testing rooms with electronics turned in and ready to go.  Once a proctor has handed out the actual test, no students will be permitted to enter the room to test.  (There were 3 such students this morning for AP Bio)  PLEASE remind them that being late will not work on Wednesday.

WHERE TO GO**:  Louria, Pust, Stevens (period 4) and students without a teacher= CAFETERIA

WHAT TO BRING: At LEAST TWO #2 pencils and TWO blue or black ink pens.  If you bring 4 of each, you can help out a friend.  Also, dress in layers (cafeteria starts out cold, then warms up quickly), and bring a snack (on your person!).  Leave any electronics in a locker, at home, or perhaps with a trusted friend.  Bring an analog watch so you can time yourself.  Some people advocated bringing a few small candies that can fit in your pocket for a quick sugar boost between essays. Also, bring your review sheet so you can do your "test day anxiety" journaling (or do that at home or on the way to school).

OTHER REMINDERS:  GO TO BED EARLY Tuesday night.  There's no studying you could do that would benefit you more than a good night's sleep at this point.  Eat a healthy breakfast with protein Wednesday morning.  Avoid extra caffeine and sugar--you'll just crash after the multiple-choice.  Save the sugary treats for afterward!

AND REMEMBER, the AP test is just the "icing" on the cake.  This is an opportunity to show how much you've learned.  It in no way determines your worth as a person or how much I've enjoyed having you as a student.  If you pass, awesome!  If you don't, no biggie.  And if you really, really want the college credit opportunity, you can always take the test again next year.  In the end, the VERY worst that happens to you is you get to take another fabulous English class.  (That's what I call a win-win situation.)  GOOD LUCK!!!!

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