Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Assign dates for Education Presentations
Education Readings:

For each day's readings, prepare by reading the piece, noting two quotations worth discussing, and generating two discussion questions (Level II and Level III questions). In addition, for your assigned day, meet with your group members and use the Education Presentation handout to guide how you will structure your lesson.

REMINDER: Monday is the CST for English/Language Arts and the second half of the EAP English assessment (remember that essay you wrote in mid-March?). PLEASE go to bed early Sunday night and eat a decent breakfast Monday morning. This matters!!!!

Introduction to Waiting for Superman: analyze film poster

HW: Print out all education articles from list above (you received Malcolm X in class today, and remember that the Barber piece and the Douglass piece are both in the McGraw-Hill Reader, but you will need to print out the others.) Note that the Prose, Talbot, and Baldwin pieces are all together in one link--clicking on any one of those titles above will give you a file containing all three essays as they appeared in the same anthology. Please see me or contact me via email if this is a hardship for you--I have a limited number of additional copies made, and you may print out the essays in my classroom provided you do so outside of class time. Begin reading and annotating your assigned article and/or the Kozol piece. Continue to draft Gatsby paper - bring draft to class tomorrow for style revision activity. FINAL DRAFT DUE NEXT WEEK!

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