Friday, March 23, 2012


Grammar Practice: Semicolons #3
Discuss assignment directions for Gatsby paper
Model annotations of "Tom Buchanan" passage and draft working thesis. Remember to write notes explaining your thinking in addition to highlighting/underlining. Working thesis should contain your overall thoughts about the passage's significance and give the devices you intend to examine, even if it's not a fluid thesis yet.

HW: For Monday, finish reading the book if you haven't already. Select your passage and either type it, photocopy it, or handwrite it neatly in ink. Then, annotate the passage fully and draft a working thesis. Quiz over semicolon use on Wednesday; practice Semicolon Use #4 on your own. Review this helpful handout to learn the three basic rules for semicolon use.

Some great passages:
Description of first glimpse of Gatsby in Ch 1 (trembling/green light)
Myrtle's small apartment in Ch 2
Party scene @ beginning of Ch 3
Daisy's wedding day in Ch 4
Clock scene in Ch 5
Shirts scene in Ch 5
Gatsby's reinvention of himself in Ch 6 (founded securely on a fairy's wing)
Daisy & Gatsby's first kiss in Ch 6
Daisy and Tom eating cold fried chicken in Ch 7
Description of Daisy's dating life in Ch 8 (twilight universe)
"Barbed wire" passage in Ch 8
Description of Gatsby's death in Ch 8
Final paragraphs of the book in Ch 9

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