Monday, September 26, 2011


Review introductory paragraphs with group members, then begin work on body paragraphs for the Stewart prompt.

Use the handouts for tips and samples to guide you as you prepare for tomorrow's timed essay/

Ideas for Conclusions

HW: Read "The Female Body" by Margaret Atwood, p. 217 in The McGraw-Hill Reader and "Being a Man" by Paul Theroux, p. 219 in The McGraw-Hill Reader, for Wednesday's class.

Also, please find and bring in two magazine advertisements that show gender roles or gender stereotypes and be prepared to discuss them. (For example, bring an advertisement that shows a woman cooking dinner, or a man doing something rugged and outdoorsy. You can also bring in an ad that suggests a stereotypical value – that women should be “beautiful” or men should be “tough,” or may find ads that REVERSE gender stereotypes/expectations.) Ads printed from the internet are ok, too, provided they are in color, page-sized, and easy to read/see. All ads must be acceptable for classroom viewing/posting (although something “sexy” like a girl in a bikini is OK—but no offensive nudity or illegal drugs, please. Use your best judgment, and bring a backup ad if unsure).

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