Thursday, May 26, 2011


Journaling - Today's Topics
"This I Believe" : "There's No Such Thing As Too Much Barbecue" by Jason Sheehan

Pass out passages for rhetorical analysis
All the Pretty Horses Discussion Assignment and Reading Calendar

Surveys for Psychology student

Discussion: pages 30-79
Who is Jimmy Blevins? What is unusual or suspicious about his character? Why does Blevins leave home? Why is he associated with lightning, and what might that suggest about his character? What reason does he give for going with the boys, and why is that reason somewhat ironic? What makes John Grady sympathetic to Blevins--why does John Grady feel the need to protect Blevins, even against Rawlins' advice? What tension does he create for John Grady and Rawlins? What happens on pages 76-77 and what do those events suggest about John Grady's character vs. Rawlins' character?

Film clip - meeting Blevins & the wallet

HW: Check the Discussion/Rhetorical Assignments and Reading Calendar for your assigned dates. Prepare your Discussion Notes and Rhetorical Analysis paragraphs for your assigned dates:
Description of Discussion Notes and Rhetorical Analysis Assignments
Sample Discussion Notes for pages 1-30
Sample Rhetorical Analysis writeup for the "They rode out..." passage on page 30
Read and be prepared to discuss pages 79-97. Student seminars begin on Tuesday. Rhetorical passage for Tuesday: from page 93 of All the Pretty Horses

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