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Check out these old blog posts for extra guidance in preparation for the synthesis and rhetorical timed essays:
Answers for multiple choice, Passage 4:

24 B

25 A

26 B

27 C

28 D

29 E

30 B

Suggested tips to review for multiple choice section:
  • Reread "The Things They Carried," "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong," "The Man I Killed," and "Ghost Soldiers."
  • Look up and learn ALL vocabulary and literary techniques you don't know from the three practice multiple-choice passages/questions we studied. (HINT: You should know what metonymy, catharsis, paradox, allusion, and apostrophe mean!)
Poetry reading and discussion of "The Target" and "The Man He Killed"

HW: Finish writing rhetorical historical papers. Email a copy to yourself and/or me for revision work in the computer lab on Monday. Make sure your attachment is in .rtf or .doc formats only (NOT .pages or .docx!!!!) Email me if you need help. Also, you might copy-and-paste your paper into the body of the email in the event that the attachment doesn't work. Final polish and revision on Monday! Papers are due Thursday, or you can bring them to the final exam.

Order for submission of hard copy of rhetorical historical papers in class:
1) Final draft of paper
2) Final Works Cited List
3) Peer revision notes and comments/additional extra drafts
4) Commented draft by Pust (introduction and body paragraphs)
5) original graded annotated bibliography
6) original graded research proposal
7) all research notes

Please remember that an electronic version of your final draft of your paper AND your Works Cited List (make sure this is ONE document!!!) must be submitted to by 11:59pm on Thursday, 1/27.

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