Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Handling counterarguments:

1) Refute - to disagree entirely
2) Concede - to yield or admit a point, but maintain your ground
3) Qualify - to limit and describe the circumstances under which each side is true

Blank counterargument graphic organizer and sample graphic organizer and counterargument paragraph

HW: Source packets due BETWEEN 11/19 and 12/3 - 20 sources (including 7 special sources) with each one annotated 4+ times (questions, comments, reactions, connections, etc.) except for the interview/video source, which follows the guidelines for experience sources.
Begin work on MLA Format Working Bibliography for your 20 sources, due between 11/25 and 12/9. You will lose one point for each error in formatting, so please be thorough - you can use KnightCite or another bibliography generator, but be sure to check the results against the resources at a site like to make sure that it formats everything correctly.