Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AGENDA 11/18

MLA Bibliography Activity - Why do bibliographies matter?

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our heroes at KnightCite have done it--they've updated and patched their code so that all of the new MLA guidelines can be incorporated. Hooray!!! (NOTE: Ultimately, you are still responsible for making sure that every citation is correct according to MLA 7th Edition (2009) Format. Still, three cheers for our friends at KnightCite!!!

Jigsaw activity, part I: get into assigned groups and create a citation for your bibliography according to the type of handout you receive. Then, create two multiple-choice questions to assess other groups on your type of information using the Bibliography Pre-Test as a model:
1) create two accurate, correct citations using your citation type (print, web, or "other")
2) create one "standard" multiple-choice question - According to the citation above, which of the following is true?
3) create one "EXCEPT" multiple-choice question - According to the citation above, all of the following are true EXCEPT
4) provide the answer key


This is a VERY comprehensive index of MLA 2009 Format. Enjoy!

HW: Due FRIDAY, 11/20: Read Malcolm X's "Learning to Read" and select two quotations that are worth discussing. Continue to consider the questions posed for the Ch. 7 seminar and look for connections between the two pieces.

Due MONDAY - Rhetorical Terms #3: Free Choice (choose any text except those from previous English classes)
Source packets due BETWEEN 11/19 and 12/3 - 20 sources (including 7 special sources) with each one annotated 4+ times (questions, comments, reactions, connections, etc.) except for the interview/video source, which follows the guidelines for experience sources.

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